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DIY Water Gels

Instant Fiber Compound 
For the Production of Water Gel

innovation in Diets
SAFE® hydro - DIY System for gels

The innovative solution for a multitude of application possibilities for supplying water, food and drugs to animals. Produce your own water gel anywhere in a do-it-yourself and just-in-time fashion to suit your individual requirements!

  • water gel – safe method for hydration
  • moistened food − individual mix of diets and water in a gel
  • application of drugs – individual dosing of drugs in gel

SAFE®  hydro

SAFE® Gel Diet - Ready to Use Water Gels

SAFE® gel diet water
SAFE® gel diet water

99% water, thermoreversible

SAFE® gel diet breeding
SAFE® gel diet breeding

SAFE® diet + 70% water

SAFE® gel diet energy
SAFE® gel diet energy

SAFE® high energy diet + 60% water

SAFE® gel diet transport
SAFE® gel diet transport

SAFE® diet + 60% water

Further Innovations

Preportioned Enrichment

SAFE® compact

SAFE® compact

Unique Bedding with Clean Surface Effect

SAFE® performance

innovation performance

The 2in1 Activity Bedding - Long Term Enrichment

SAFE® performance plus

innovation performance plus

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