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As system partner for laboratory animal science SAFE® supports innovation projects in all applications of diets, custom diets, bedding and enrichment. Through long-standing and close cooperation with established research institutes and universities, the innovation transfer to the research is guaranteed.

Moreover, SAFE® Class offers a special service and is the competent partner for professional training in latest topics of the animal research community.

Research & Development and Application Technology Centers

SAFE® owns seven R&D and application technology centers worldwide. A team with all-encompassing knowhow in laboratory animal science is at your disposal:

  • continuously focusing on innovating and developing solutions
  • enhancing reliability, quality and safety of the existing processes and products
R&D and Application Technology Centers
R&D and Application Technology Centers
R&D and Application Technology Centers
R&D and Application Technology Centers

SAFE® CLASS - Certified Laboratory Animal Science School

In SAFE® Class, animal research people learn about the latest concepts in modern animal care from experienced experts. From a modular program of seminars, you can choose the course modules according to your needs. All contents offer specialized knowledge and practical training in laboratory animal science issues:

  • nutrition and dietary factor in research
  • management of GMO animals
  • optimization of research workflow 
  • animal health during research 
  • recent legal regulations
  • ethic concerns
  • publishing and communication of studies
  • management of drug and medicated products

Current course catalogue at

SAFE® Class
SAFE® Class

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