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The Latest Generation of Bedding

SAFE® performance

  • extra soft and virtually dust-free
  • made from virgin paper pulp, no ink, no fillers
  • excellent odor control and liquid absorption
  • easy-flowable in automatic dispensing systems
  • reduced product consumption as 30% lower in density than wood and 60% lower than corncob

Clean Surface Effect

The extraordinary liquid and ammonia binding keeps surfaces of the bedding layer dry and clean.

The uniformity of the pellets and the difference in specific weight and size of pellets and feces lead to the unique effect: feces are being moved towards the floor of the cages.

The results are extended bedding change intervals, longer filter lifetime and massive cost savings.

The Clean Surface Effect
The Clean Surface Effect

The 2in1 Activity Bedding

SAFE® performance plus is the unique combination of bedding and enrichment material - cellulose pellets paired with cellulose flakes.

There is no  need for additional enrichment material. SAFE® performance plus promotes long-term activity and excellent hygienic properties in one product. Moreover the multifunctional bedding stays easy-flowable in automatic dispensing systems.

The 2in1 product offers massive cost saving potential in handling, labor, consumption and disposal.

Long Term Enrichment
Long Term Enrichment

Further Innovations

Do It Yourself Water Gels

SAFE® hydro

Preportioned Enrichment

SAFE® compact

SAFE® compact

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