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Let´s talk about Sustainability!

At SAFE®, sustainability has been an important factor in the company's philosophy from the very beginning. Discover sustainable stories at SAFE®.

Did you know...

Did you know...

… that your traditional Christmas tree is often a spruce?
We believe that this is also the ideal raw material for animal dreams, not just during the Christmas season!

Newsletter SAFE® September 2021

Sustainable into the New Year!

Let´s look into the near future of SAFE® which is held under the motto “Sustainable without compromise!” and discover SAFE® Spruce Bedding.

Newsletter SAFE® September 2021

Breaking News

SAFE® welcomes a new member: SDS Diets is now part of the Competence Center for Lab Animal Science of SAFE®.

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Highest Quality

For Consistent Diet Characteristics

Ingredients of the highest quality ensure consistent product characteristics of our diets and secure excellent digestibility and appetizing factors.

  • Our long-standing, audited suppliers guarantee strict compliance with our high raw material standards.
  • Trusted partnerships guarantee the security of supply of all essential raw materials
  • Raw materials from consistent growing areas minimize the influence of climate and soil composition.
  • Careful incoming goods inspections guarantee the use of only safe, premium-quality raw materials.
  • Exclusively GMO-free cereals are used wherever possible.
  • The use of baby food cereals assures compliance with the highest food safety standards and ensures the minimization of contaminants such as mycotoxins, pesticides and heavy metals.

Bright Colored
Food for Rodents

New Colors for Custom Diets

The safety and smooth running of a scientific research work is key to its success. When two closely related feeds are used in an experiment, it is useful and practical to dye one of them.

This practice is also interesting for evaluating consumption and any possible waste as it makes it easy to visually identify feed that has fallen into the litter.

Legally, dyes are classified as additives in animal and human nutrition. For precautionary reasons and in line with our policy of offering feed solutions with the greatest possible neutrality, SAFE® does not use dyes in standard feeds. The use of these additives is only possible in special feeds and only upon explicit customer request. The sensitivity of research models varies depending on strains, husbandry conditions and the trial itself.

There is no consensus on the possible organoleptic and sensory effects of such compounds. Therefore, it is not recommended to change the colors of the diets used during the experiment.

Antibacterial Effect


Hygienic and Sustainable Spruce

The SAFE® spruce bedding range is made from 100 % natural raw material. Benefit from the unique antibacterial effect of spruce! The germ and mold reducing properties are perfectly suited for scientific animal bedding.

From nature to the user

For the production of SAFE® spruce bedding, only selected, untreated wood from local forestry is used. Short transport routes and PEFC-certified, sustainable forestry guarantee the best possible sustainability balance for SAFE® bedding. The company's central location in Europe ensures short distances to raw material and customers.

A Perfect Match


Natural Nesting + Activity Material

Environmental enrichment encourages the interaction of the animal with its environment for improved well-being and optimized behavior. For optimal stimulation, SAFE® recommends continuous variation of the usedenrichment materials.

“8g is the ideal quantity for proper nest building!“ SAFE® compact nesting small – proportioned enrichment. The innovative, cost-saving solution for easy dosing of nesting material which promotes nest building and activity.
“Reduces aggressiveness and promotes natural tooth wear.“
SAFE® blocks for gnawing are available in various sizes and hardness grades, adapted to the individual needs of different rodent species.

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