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Did you get the news? Have a look at the current issue of LabAnimal Europe!
We are present with an 8-page supplement full of information about diets, bedding and enrichment for laboratory animal science.

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Scientific Diets based on BABY-FOOD Cereals


Highest Quality Ingredients

For laboratory animal diets, the nutritional factor is crucial and has to be reliable and constant. For many years, SAFE® dedicates them-selves to provide safe and high-quality diet solutions for research without compromises. SAFE® guarantees ingredients of highest quality to ensure consistent product characteristic: The use of baby food cereals ensures highest food security standards and minimizes contaminants like myco-toxins, pesticides and heavy metals. Ingredients of highest quality secure superior digestibility and appetizing factors.

Bedding with
Clean Surface Effect


SAFE® perfomance

The Latest Generation of Cellulose Bedding ­

  • extra soft and virtually dust-free 
  • made from virgin paper pulp, no ink, no fillers 
  • excellent odor control and liquid absorption 
  • easy-flowable in automatic dispensing systems 
  • reduced product consumption as 30 % lower in density than wood and 60 % lower than corncob.

Preportioned Enrichment


SAFE® compact

  • ideal quantity for optimal nest-building
  • easy to handle and time saving
  • nest-building and activity promotion
  • manufactured from proven enrichment materials
  • autoclavable and automatically dosable

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