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Future-oriented and Resource Conserving –
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Sustainability and resource conservation are present in all areas of life today. Therefore, it is all the better if you can also take this into account in your professional environment! Without any special effort!

At SAFE®, sustainability has been an important factor in the company's philosophy from the very beginning. SAFE® is not just following a trend, but has been operating for decades in a way that the employees not only talk about sustainability, but incorporate it into the production philosophy, product design and services!

Your Sustainable Partner

Energy from sustainable resources

Biomass Power Plant at SAFE® Bedding (Germany)

Biomass Power Plant at SAFE® Bedding (Germany)

SAFE® is taking advantage of the many opportunities offered by alternative energies and thereby reducing its dependence on fossil fuels. A dedicated biomass power plant for electricity generation has been installed at the Rosenberg site in Germany, which saves 13,000 tons of CO₂ annually. The heat generated here is used for the drying process of the bedding production.

Photovoltaic at SAFE® Diets (France)

Photovoltaic at SAFE® Diets (France)

Our certified energy management system creates savings throughout the whole company and ensures that the energy transition continues. The photo­voltaic system at the diets pro­duction site in France generates a signi­ficant amount of electricity, helping us to reduce our con­sum­ption of energy from conventional sources.

Avoidance of packaging waste

strong paper layers made from FSC certified paper

SAFE® Diets reduces plastic packaging waste by using strong paper layers made from FSC certified paper. In the near future, SAFE® Bedding will also be offered in paper packaging.

Resource saving ways

central location in Europe

SAFE®'s central location in Europe en­sures the most economical and eco­logical routes to the customer. By using regional raw material sources from SAFE®'s immediate surroundings, transport distances are shortened. In the manufacturing process, all processing steps – from raw material to storage of the final product – are carried out in one place.

High quality raw materials from sustainable cultivation


Sustainability begins with the purchase of raw materials, for which SAFE® follows its own strict stan­dards in all areas: selected woods ex­clusively from re­spon­sible forestry. The ZERO-Waste policy ensures that 100 % of the raw material is used during the production process.

Have you already discovered more of SAFE®'s sustainable innovations?

Do It Yourself Water Gels

SAFE® hydro
SAFE® hydro

Avoids the transport of water arround the globe 

Preportioned Enrichment

SAFE® compact
SAFE® compact

Time-saving, less storage 
and transport space

Bedding with Clean Surface Effect

SAFE® performance
SAFE® performance

Longer bedding change intervals

2in1: Bedding plus Enrichment

SAFE® performance plus
SAFE® performance plus

No additional enrichment transport

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