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Tamoxifene Diet

SAFE® customizes diets with tamoxifen to activate CreER pathway. The site-specific Cre/lox recombination system has been proven to generate conditional somatic GMOs in mice. This method allows to spatially and temporally control gene activity in almost any mouse tissue.





Daily intake mg/kg BW *

E8220 Version 0352

A04 at 0.25g/Kg TAMOXIFEN

Standard diet


E8220 Version 0366

A04 at 0.5g/Kg TAMOXIFEN

Standard diet


U8404 Version 0008

150 at 0.25g/Kg TAMOXIFEN


U8404 Version 0009

150 at 0.5g/Kg TAMOXIFEN

Without soy and without alfalfa


U8978 Version 0056

AIN-93G at 0.25g/Kg TAMOXIFEN

Low isoflavones


U8978 Version 0057

AIN-93G at 0.5g/Kg TAMOXIFEN

Low isoflavones


Doses modified according to your needs.
* Daily intake mg per kg body weight assumes 20-25 g body weight and 3-4 g intake.

All of these diets contain tamoxifen. Note, the citrate form has only 66% tamoxifen content and is not offered by SAFE®.

Why in Diets?

Rodents are sensitive to the metallic taste of tamoxifen. This may result in low intake (3 g food/day) and possible weight loss (10%) in the first few days. To limit these effects 5% sugar is added to all tamoxifen diets as a flavor enhancer. The use of a low dose tamoxifen diet can reduce the effect of adverse tasting.

Feed aversion may still occur and daily monitoring of animal tolerance is recommended. To ensure rodent welfare and limit weight loss, the protocol should include a change in diet after a two week treatment to a one week break with only standard diet.


Dosing via



Custom diet

Not stressful for the animals
No additional workload
Better drug stability

Dose depends on feed intake
Application time is longer compared to IP

Drinking water

Not stressful for the animals

Insoluble in water <0.1% at 20° C
Additional work for dosage
Tamoxifen is light sensitive
Dose depends on water intake
Use of sucrose for better acceptance
Daily change of water bottles
Application time is longer compared to IP

Intraperitoneal Injection (IP)

Reliable dosage

Stressful for the animals
Extra workload
Requires qualified stuff

Additional Information and direction of uses

  • Diet shall be stored at max +4°C and used within BBD (six months)
  • Administration for two weeks, then one week standard diet
  • Protect from daylight. Tamoxifen is sensitive to UV
  • Minimum order quantity is 10 kg
  • Irradiation in doses of 10kGy, 25kGy is possible on request

To guarantee a extended 6 monts shelf life our Tamoxifen diets are produced on customer request. Beside that, it is also possible to choose the base diet, concentration of Tamoxifen and the food color according to your specific needs. If your process requires fluorescent imaging, we recommend using a purified diet to improve the quality of the imaging. 

>> Precautionary principles <<


Learn more about the Model Tamoxifen

  • See at Methods in Molecular Biology 530:343-63
  • February 2009 DOI: 10.1007/978-1-59745-471-1_18 PubMed
  • Tamoxifen is a selective estrogen response modifier (SERM), protein kinase C inhibitor and anti-angiogenetic factor, meaning it is a mixed estrogen agonist and antagonist.
  • Usual pure tamoxifen doses are 250 mg or 500 mg
  • Tamoxifen diets contain tamoxifen. The molecule is diluted in diets but personal protective equipment is recommended, such as eyeshields, lab coat, gloves, face participle respireator or mask.

Other Special Custom Diet Solutions



SAFE® produces customized diets with doxycycline hyclate for Tet-regulated systems. Doxycycline hyclate is used in tetracycline (doxycycline)-inducible gene expression as a stable switch to control transcriptional activation, also known as the Tet-On/Tet-Off system with doxycycline-sensitive GMO mice.



To move, grow and reproduce, animals consume energy. Their needs are very different and energy consumption also varies. To anticipate or respond to these needs, some animals store energy, while others prefer to increase the amount of food they consume or digest food more efficiently.

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