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Spruce is Our Most Sustainable Bedding Solution!

Hygienic and sustainable!

SAFE® Spruce Bedding is made from 100 % natural raw material.
Benefit from the unique antibacterial effect of spruce! Softwood has germ and mold reduction properties and a dehydrating effect, so that microorganisms have no medium in which to multiply.

Rapid reduction of bacterial infestation!

Source: Labor L + S AG, Study about “Antibacterial Activity of litters”, 2011

Source: Labor L + S AG, Study about “Antibacterial Activity of litters”, 2011

Antibacterial Effect of Spruce Bedding

Raw Materials from Sustainable Cultivation

Short transport routes and PEFC certified, responsible forestry guarantee the best possible sustainable balance for SAFE® Bedding.

Central Location and Short Transport Routes

The company´s central location in Europe ensures short distances to raw materials and customers.

Zero-Waste Production Policy

SAFE® processes 100 % of the natural raw material. All production-related by-products are used in other industries.

Did you know…

…that recent research findings reveal a staggering 3.04 trillion trees worldwide, surpassing previous estimates by a large margin? However, it is also reported that more than 15 billion trees are being cut down each year, leading to a continuous decline in forests. Nevertheless, it is pleasing to see that Germany is an admirable exception to this trend.

For us, sustainability is not just a passing trend, but an integral part of our SAFE®

„For us, sustainability is not just a passing trend, but an integral part of our SAFE® corporate identity. We consistently integrate sustainability into our production philosophy, product design, and services.

Our premium hygiene animal bedding products are another example of how we refuse to compromise on sustainability.

In addition to our high quality standards, we place great emphasis on environmentally friendly and advanced production processes that minimize energy consumption. The raw material for our animal bedding products comes from local forests that are sustainably managed and PEFC certified. This not only supports the local economy but also ensures shorter transportation distances and thus reduces environmental impact.”

Our Spruce Bedding Selection for Your Individual Needs!

SAFE® flake
SAFE® flake


SAFE® 3-4 S
SAFE® 3-4 S

Fibrillated fibers


Cubic granulates

SAFE® BK 8-15
SAFE® BK 8-15

Cubic granulates

SAFE® prime S
SAFE® prime S

Cubic granulates

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